The story of Lord Vishnu Vaman incarnation.

The story of Lord Vishnu Vaman incarnation.

The story of Lord Vishnu Vaman incarnation (Vaman Avatar):

According to hindu religon textsVaman Avataris the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu in ten incarnation.Lord Vishnu was born from the womb of Mother Aditi, in the Vaman form, his form was the salmon of the Brahmachari child.

The story of Vaman Avatar:

King BaliWas born in the lineage ofHiranyakashyapandPrahaladwas the grandfather of king Bali. King Bali was the welfare of the people as their supreme duty.King Bali was very liberal, intellectual, and equitable in childhood, and was the best among the donors. The limitations and sympathy for everyone were the characteristics of their rule.

King Bali’s fatherVirochannwas also Mahadani, he used to regard donations as the supreme religion of the king. King Bali came to his kingdom after receiving knowledge from ofGuru Shukracharya, King Virochan became very happy and he was sacrificed donation yagna.
In that donation yagna, Devraj Indra came in the illusion of saint, demanded his cut-of head as a donation, and according to Donation relogion, Virochan cut his head and gave it to Devraj Indra.
Deities and demons are the descendants of King Kashyap. Demons were given the kingdom of and Deities were given the kingdom of heaven. Demons guru Shukracharya removes Indra from Indrasan and to make the King Bali lord of heaven.
First of all, Indra completed 100 Ashwamedh Yagya and achieved the kingdom of Amravati Puri. Demons guru Shukracharya, by offering 100 Ashwamedh sacrifices to Maharaj Bali, wanted the right of demons on Indrasan, with the same purpose, provided education, training to the ashram from the time of childhood.
The demons guru Shukracharya organized Vishwajit Yagya.All Deities went to their parents Kashyap and Aditi, Dev mother Aditi, after listening to the deities, requested Kashyap to take some measures to solve this problem. Kashyap said, I am telling you a fast for the workdone of the Deities.
According to Kashyap,Devamata Aditifasted for the happiness of Lord Vishnu for one year, finally Lord Vishnu appeared to Devmata. Devmata Aditi requested to Lord Vishnu regain the rights of the Deoties. Lord Vishnu was born from the womb of Mata Aditi, in the Vaman form, his form was the salmon of the Brahmachari child.
King Bali, leaving the horse of his100th Ashwamedh Yagna, resolved to donate the desired donation to the pious people at the door. God Vaman ji went to the sacrificial rituals of King Bali, the nature of God Vaman went into a very delicate Brahmachari form. Bali asked them to ask for donations.
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God Vaman said, if you are willing to give up, then take the water in his hand and resolve the donation. On this, the demonGuru Shukracharyadoubted the Brahmachari child and he knew that he is was Lord Vishnu and he has come to prove the work of the Gods.

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God Vamanthen asked for the amount of land Bali gracefully agreed. Lord Vishnu then grew in size and covered the earth and heaven in two stride. For the third step sacrificed his head.

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King Bali said, Lord, put the third step on my head. Vaman was pleased to see king Bali. He did this and later made him the king of the descend and liberated the deities from his fear. In this way Lord Vishnu in Vaman avatar begged the three worlds for Deities.

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