Gautam Buddha incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Gautam Buddha incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Gautam Buddha incarnation of Lord Vishnu:

Gautam Buddhais the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu for Hindu devotees. Therefore, this day is also considered sacred for Hindus.

‘Buddha Purnima‘ is the biggest festival of followers of Buddhism. According to the Hindu calendar, Buddha Putrnima is celebrated on the full moon of Vaisakh month. That is why it is also called

‘Vaisakh Purnima‘. This is the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha ji. Followers of Buddhism celebrate Buddha Purnima with great pomp and glory throughout the world. In it Vishnu ji appeared as a Buddha for teaching the Vedas to the Asuras. Gautam Buddha was the originator of Buddhism.

Buddha avatar story.

The story of Lord Buddha avatar:

Mahatma Buddha was born in 563 BC In Kapulwastu, there was a place called Lumbini. Buddha’s childhood name wasSiddhartha. His father’s name was Shudodhan and Mother’s name was Mahamaya.

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It is so prevalent about them that once Buddha came out of the house, he saw a very sick person, when he went a little further, he saw an old man and finally saw a dead person. Seeing all these scenes, he got a question in his mind that would I get sick, become old, and die? These questions made him very upset.

At the age of 27, he left the house and became a sanyashi. Mahatma Buddha underwent a peepal tree under the tree for six years in search of wisdom where he had knowledge of truth which was called ‘Sambodhi’.

That peepal tree is called theBodhi treefrom then on. The place where knowledge was acquired by Mahatma Buddha is calledBodh Gaya. Mahatma Buddha gave his first preacher in Sarnath and he established Buddhism.

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After spending 49 days in meditation, at the age of 35, it is said that he had attained the knowledge. And since then, they are known as“Buddha”While awakening, he came to know that he has hidden four great truths, including truth from liberation to world, rebirth, life and death.

Later, his knowledge was adopted by the people of Buddha religion, in which Buddha was also called the God of meditation, according to him, Buddha is the easiest way to get salvation.

According to him, salvation is to destroy desire, hatred and ignorance, which leads to the cycle of suffering and rebirth. According to Buddha religion, if a person walks on the path of truth, then he can be away from those desires that cause sorrow.

The one who looks permanent is destructive. The one who looks great, the fall of his face is sure. Where there is a coincidence, there is destruction. Where there is birth there is death too. While assimilating such great truths, Gautama Buddha established Buddhism, which is one of the major religions of the world today.

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483 BC In Kushinagar, on the day of Baishakh Purnima, the Amrit soul became absorbed in the universe except the human body. This incident is called ‘Mahaparinirvana’.

Mahatma Buddha has preached the four Aryan truths and according to Buddhism, the four main
Aryan truths should always be remembered. These truths are the basis of Buddhism which are as follows: –

    1. There is sadness in the world.

    1. The main cause of misery is craving (intense desire).

    1. A community of sorrows.

  1. There is a way to avoid suffering.

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