The Mystery of Lord Buddha's knowledge field (Bodhgaya).

The Mystery of Lord Buddha's knowledge field (Bodhgaya):

Gaya (Bodhgaya) district is situated at a distance of 104 kms from Patna, the capital of Bihar. Religious views are not only for the Hindus, but for those who believe in Buddhism. The followers of Buddhism consider this as a knowledge field of Mahatma Buddha. Hindus believe in the place of freedom and liberation.

Therefore, every day people come from different parts of the country, not from different parts of the country, but in the spirit of the soul of the deceased person and the desire for salvation, Shradha, Tarpan and Pind-dand are done. But do you know that The status of salvation has been given because of a demon Gayasura? Today we are telling you the same mythological story related to Gayasura.

The Story of  Monster Gayasura-

According to the Puranas, a monster named was Gayasura. Gyasura had received a boon because of his austerity, whoever anyone will see or touch him, he will not have to go to Yamalok. Such a person will go straight to Vishnulok. Because of this boon, felt.

Disturbed by this, Yamraj said to Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva that due to Gyasura, now a sinful person has started coming to Baikunda, therefore take some measures.

Understanding the status, Lord Brahma told Gaysura that you are the Supreme. We want to sacrifice on your back.

Gayasura got ready for it. On the back of Gyasura, all the God and Deities were placed. On the back of this, a large rock was placed on its back to set the body of Gyasura. This rock is called Pret-Shila today.

 Pind Daan in Gaya


From this dedication of Gaysura, Lord Vishnu gave a boon that from now on this place where there is a sacrifice on your body, it will be known by the name of Gaya. On this place, people who give pinddan and shradh will get virtue and the recipient of the Pinddan will get salvation. The soul will not have to wander.

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