Jesus Christ Birth Place and Some Important

Jesus Christ Birth Place and Some Important

Jesus Christ Story, Birth Place and Some Important Things About Jesus Christ:

The founder of Christianity is believed to be Jesus Christ. Christianity is considered worldwide. Christ’s birthday is celebrated every year on 25 December. In this post, we are telling you some special things about Jesus Christ.
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1. Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. It is currently in the Palestine region. Mother Mary and Yosef were on their way to Jerusalem from Nazareth to write their names, when on the way, they found a place in Bethlehem where they stopped in a cave which was in seclusion outside the city. That’s where Jesus was born.
2. Jesus’ birth name was Jesus. In Hebrew, Jesus was called Jesus, but in the English pronunciation it became Jesua. This jesua deteriorated to Jesus.

3. Jesus’s mother name was Mary. Mother Mary was a virgin when Jesus was born. Mary was the righteous wife of Yosef. Jesus was born in Bethlehem from the womb of Mary (Mary), the wife of a Jewish carpenter.
4. Jesus’ parents were residents of Nazareth, in present-day Palestine. That is why Jesus was called Jesus of Nazareth.

5. Traditionally, the birth date of Christ is believed to be 25 December 6 BCE. That is why Christmas is celebrated every year on 25 December.

6. According to another research, he was born in the spring. Christmas is celebrated in January in Russia. Probably celebrated on 7 January. However, no day of Jesus’ birth is mentioned in the Bible. It is also not mentioned in the New Catholic Encyclopaedia and the Encyclopaedia of Early Christianity. There is no specific date of birth of Jesus Christ in the Bible.

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7. It is also said that one day before the birth of Jesus to Mary, the angel Gabriel appeared and said that blessed are you women, because you have been chosen to be the mother of God the Son. Mother Mary was stunned to hear this.

8. It is said that after the birth of Jesus, three scholars arrived in Bethlehem to see him, who were called angels. Where he was born, there is a church today called ‘Church of Nativity’.

9. On Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem. This day is called ‘Palm Sunday’. He was crucified on Friday so it is called ‘Good Friday’ and on Sunday, only one woman (Mary Magdalene) saw him alive near her grave. This sight of the living being is called ‘Easter’.

10. When Jesus was 12 years old, he stayed in Jerusalem for 2 days and discussed knowledge with the priests. No one knows where he went when he was 13 years old. Nothing is mentioned in the Bible about his age from 13 to 30 years.

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11. At the age of 30, he took initiation from John (John) in Jerusalem. After initiation, he started teaching people and preached his message. Many people did not like it.

12. According to most scholars, on 29 AD, Lord Jesus climbed on the donkey and reached Jerusalem and a conspiracy was hatched to punish him there. He was eventually caught by opponents and hung on the cross. His age at that time was around 33 years.
13. A theory also says that according to the Old Testament of the Book of Isaiah, when Jesus comes to sit on a donkey in Jerusalem, people are welcomed by picking up the branches of the palm, who were believing that it was all of Israel. It will defeat the enemies.

14. It is said that popular among the people, Jesus claimed to be his Christian and was the son of God, due to which fury spread among the Jews.

15. It is said that under pressure from the fundamentalists of the Jews, the governor of the Romans, Papalus, accepted the demand of the Jews to hang Jesus on the cross, because the Romans always feared the Jewish revolution.

16. According to another belief, when Jesus enters the Holy Temple of Mount after entering Jerusalem, he sees that the tax collectors of the Romans are sitting there. Seeing this, they take out their waistband and drive them away from it. Later, when the governor of the Romans, the Father, learns this, he declares to impregnate Jesus as a punishment.

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17. Jesus is often described in pictures as a beautiful blond man, but according to a BBC report published for 2001 Looking for the historical Jesus, forensic scientist Richard Nawe has presented the model of Jesus’ face to the world according to Jesus is depicted as a Middle East traditional Jew. His face meets the people of the city of Galilee in northern Israel.

According to this new face of Jesus, his face was darker, with darker eyes, shorter curly black hair and a wild beard. Although experts do not claim that this is where the face of Christ will be, but it may be the closest to their face.
18. Many people claim that they did climb the cross but they did not die. Some researchers believe that Jesus spent his entire life there, returning to the same monastery in Kashmir, India, where he was educated at the age of 13 to 29 years. People also believe that Jesus Christ participated in the famous Buddhist conference held in 80 CE.

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