Lord Vishnu First Matsya Incarnation.

Lord Vishnu First Matsya Incarnation.

Matsya Avatar:

Matsya Avataris Lord Vishnu’sfirst incarnation. When a monster stole the Vedas and hid it in the depth of the ocean, Lord Vishnu took the form of fishery and received the Vedas and restored them.
Matsya Avatar.

Matsya Avatar Story

Because of the absurdity ofLord Brahmaji,a monster stole the Vedas. The name of that monster wasHaigriva. Knowledge was lost due to the stealing of the Vedas. The darkness of ignorance spread and the sin and unrighteousness increased. ThenLord Vishnutook the form of a fishery to protect the religion and killed the Haigriva and protected theVedas. How did God take the form of a fish?

Matsya Avtar Story:

A virtuous king was practicing penance before the Kalpant. The name of the king wasSatyavrat.Satyavratwas virtuous and had a large generous heart. It was sunrise, Satyavrat was bathing in thekritmala river. After bathing, once satyavrat offering water libation in kritmala river.

when he took water in his hand for this purpose there came a tiny fish with the water into his hand. Satyavrat left the fish in the river. The Fish said to Styavrat,” O king! Large creatures of water kill small creatures and eat them. Surely a bigger creature will kill me and eat me.

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Please protect my life”. He put the fish in his pot filled with water. Then an amazing incident took place. In one night the body of the fish increased so much that the pot started falling short for his living. On the second day, the fish said Satyavrat- O king! “Find another place to live in, because my body has increased. I used to have a lot of trouble walking around”.

Satyavrat took out the fish from the pot and kept it in a water filled area. Even here, the body of the fish became so thick in the night that it was He too fell short for his living. On the second day the fish again spoke to Satyavrat – O kong! Manage me somewhere else to stay, because it is too falling short for my living.

Then Satyavrat took out the fish and put it in a lake, but the lake also fell short for the fish. After that Satyavrat gave the fish the river. Then put it into the sea. Surprise! In the sea, the body of the fish increased so much that it fell short for the fish to live. So the fish again said with the truth – O king! This sea is not suitable for my living too.

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Make your arrangement somewhere else.

Now Satyavrat is amazed. She has never seen such a fish till now. He spoke in awe-filled voice – Who are you to immerse my wisdom in the ocean of wonder?
Lord Vishnu said, A monster named Haigriva has stolen the Vedas.In around the darkness of ignorance and unrighteousness is spreading.I have embraced the fish only to kill Haigriva. From today on the seventh day the earth will go into the cycle of catastrophic. The sea will rise up. All earth will be drowned in water. Nothing will be seen except the water.

You will reach a boat. You will sit on the boat with seven sages all the grains and medicines. I will be able to see you again at the same time and will give you the knowledge of the soul. Satyavrat, from that day, remembering Vishnu and waiting for the catastrophe.

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The sea also started flowing out of its boundaries. In a very short time the water was burnt down on the entire earth. The whole earth was absorbed into the water. At that time a boat appeared. Satyavrat sat on that boat with seven sages. They also filled the entire grains and drugs seeds on the boat.

The boat started swimming in the ocean of the catastrophe. There was nothing visible anywhere except that boat in the ocean of the periphery. Moreover, the God Matsya appeared in the sea of ​​catastrophe.
After receiving enlightenment from God, the life of Satyavrat was blessed. They live only free life. When the wrath of the catastrophe cooled down, the God Matsya killed Haigriva and snatched the Vedas.
God again gave the Vedas to Lord Brahma. In this way, God has saved the Vedas by adopting the form of a fish, as well as the welfare of the creatures of the world done.

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