Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Kalki Avatar

In the scriptures, the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu are mentioned. Of these, till date, they have already taken nine incarnations, but Kalki is to be the last embodiment of Lord Vishnu.

In the Shrimad Bhagavat Purana, it is written that the Kalki avatar of God will be in the end of Kaliyug and in the center of Satyuga.

God Kalki is considered to be the future incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to mythologies, Kalki Avatar will appear for the destruction of the wicked in the world. when the crossing of sin is in the Kalyuga. Kalki Avatar will be for the end of Kalyuga. This is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

kalki avatar.

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Lord Kalki birth:

Kalki God will be born on the last date of the Shukla Paksha. Kalki God will be born in Sambhal village of Moradabad, settled between Ganga and Ramganga in Uttar Pradesh.

At the time of God's birth, the moon will be in the constellation Nakshatra and Aquarius.Kalki God father's name Vishnudatta and mother's name will be Sumathi. Kalki God will be born as the fifth descendant of their parents.

What does Buddhism say about Kalki God:

In Buddhism, Kalki is not considered the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It has been stated in this, that in the future, there will be a king named Kalki who will destroy the unrighteousness and make people aware of the truth by establishing the kingdom of religion and thus will be the victory of religion and truth on unrighteousness.

What does Guru Govind Singh says about Kalki God:

Guru Gobind Singh has written in the book Sridham, that God's Kalki incarnation will definitely be in the future, and this embodiment of his will be in the house of a Brahmin named Vishnudatta in Kashmir. It has also been told that only at the age of 12, he will be married to a girl named Trikuta.

Signs of Kalki Avatar

It is believed that at the end of Kalyuga this world will be such a condition. People will eat fish and meat. Drink milk of sheep and goats. The appearance of the cow will also stop.

All will be robbing each other. Do not follow fast rules.They will condemn the Vedas. Women will be harsh.They will not obey the husband's orders. Without the new moon, the solar eclipse will take place

At that time, the average age of man will be sixteen years. Men and women will produce children at the age of seven-eight years. At that time, the average age of man will be sixteen years.

Men and women will produce children at the age of seven-eight years. Man and woman will not be satisfied with their wife and husband. The temple will not be anywhere. The brightness of the stars will be very low.

The heat on Earth will be very high. After this Satyug will start. At that time, there will be Kalki Avatar of  Lord Vishnu.

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