The story of rama.Birth Story of Lord Ram।

Lord Ram birth story 

The skill territory, which was established by Vaivasvat Manu, is situated on the banks of the sacred Saryu river. The beautiful and prosperous Ayodhya city is the capital of this state.

Many valiant, talented and successful kings in the lineage of Vaivasavtu Manu. Of which King Dashrath was also one. King Dashrath was a penetrating, devout, kind, tactful, and predominant of the Vedas. In his state, the people were without doubt, truthful and God-fearing. There was no hatred against anyone in their state.

story of rama.

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According to Ramayana, When did Hanuman meet Rama First Time?

One day seeing myself in the mirror, thought that I am getting old and I am still childless. How will my offspring grow? By thinking thus, he resolved to give son-sacrifice to get son. By calling his Vice-Chancellor Rishi Vasishtha, he told his wish and prayed to give a proper statement for Yajna.

Guru Raja said, 'Rajan!' I believe that for Ashwmedh Yajna will surely fulfill your wish. Therefore, you should arrange for a quick sacrifice of Ashwamedh yajna and leave a beautiful Shyamkarna Horse for it.

 According to the mentor of Guru Vashisht, Maharaj Dasarath built a highly decorated yagya on the northern coast of Saryu river, and ordered the mantris and the servants to make all arrangements,

Maharaj Dasharath went to Rannivas and made his three queens, Kaushalya, Kaikeyi And Sumitra this is a good news to Sumitra. All the queens were pleased to hear the words of King Dasharath.

The Mantrians and the servants were left with the Shayamkarna Horse with Chattarangini army under the wishes of Maharaj. Maharaj Dasharath sent invitations to devotees, scholars and scholars of the country long time to perform their yajna. Mahārāj Dashrath, with his master Vasishta, came in Yajna Mandap. Thus the great yagya was duly dated. The whole atmosphere was echoed by the text of the Vedas' high tone and the fragrance of Samadha aroma.

Yajna ended with the submission of awards to all the wise men, Brahmins, Rishis, etc. due to reasonably grain, wheat and so on. King Dasharath took Prasad of Yagya into his palace and distributed it to his three queens. As a result of receiving the prasad, the three queens conceived by the grace of God.

When the Sun, Mars Saturn, Jupiter and Venus were sitting in their high places in the rehabilitation nakshatra on the ninth date of the Shukla aspect of Chaitra Mass, a baby was born from the womb of Kausalya, the great queen of Dasharath, His named as Ramachandra, with all divine attributes. There were no words for her as she gazed his magnificent beauty. King Dashhrath was very happy and overjoyed.

The advent of their future king, Rama The King distributed gifts to his citizens happily.
Soon later, Queen Kaikeyi gave birth to Bharata and Queen Sumitra to twins, Lakshmana and Shatrughna

 The joy of the entire state started to be celebrated. In the glee of the birth of the four sons of Maharaj, they began to dance and started singing nymphs.

God sat in their planes and started flowing flowers. Mahārāj donated charity to the Brahmins and litigants who gave blessings on the Gate. Gems, jewelery and titles were given to the people in the prize money to the grains and courtiers. Naming the four sons was done by Maharishi Vashishta and his name was Ramchandra, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughna.

As the age progresses, in Ramchandra properties, it is also possible to move forward with their brothers and become very popular among the people.

He had a very unique talent, as a result of which he was well versed in all the subjects. He got extraordinary skill in running all kinds of weapons and riding elephants, horses and all types of vehicles.

He was constantly engaged in the service of parents and elders. They followed the other three brothers. The reverence and devotion to the elders was all about the love and harmony among these four brothers. The heart of Maharaj Dashrath was overwhelmed with pride and joy after seeing his four sons.

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