Why do We Apply Sindoor on Hanumanji?

Why is Lord Hanuman covered with vermilion (Red Sindoor).

According to Ramcharit Manas, when Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita returned to Ayodhya.

jai hanuman.

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Why do We apply Sindoor on Hanumanji.

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Why do we put Sindoor on Hanuman Ji

One day Hanuman ji reached the place of Mother Sita.They saw that Mother Sita is wearing red color(vermilion) on her hair parting(maang). Hanuman ji eagerly asked mother Sita, what is this that you are wearing in your hair parting. Mother Sita said, "It is a symbol of good fortune, vermilion." It is my love for Shree Ram Ji and I have a long life.

 By hearing this Lord Hanuman went from there and he painted his whole body with vermilion. And mind started thinking that this would make my lord Shree Ram's life longer and he would love me very much. Hanuman ji took the vermilion in the meeting of Lord Ram Ji.

When Lord Ram saw Hanuman in this form, he was surprised. When Lord Ram asked Hanuman the reason for placing vermilion in the whole body, Hanuman said clearly that this will make you immortal and I will also get your affection like Mother Sita. Hearing this thing of Lord Hanuman, Lord Ram became very happy and took Lord Hanuman from the neck.

From that time Hanuman ji is very dear to the vermilion and Hanuman ji is happy about the vermilion offering.

Apart from this, there is also a scientific reason behind sacrificing vermilion of Hanumanji.
Applying vermilion to Hanumanaji protects the statue. This does not break the statue in some way and is safe for a long time. Plus, the beauty of the statue increases with the raising of chola. The reflection of Hanumanaji is clearly visible. Thereby, the faith of the devotees increases further and any devotee does not have trouble in applying Hanumanji's meditation.

 It is believed that if you offer vermilion to Lord Hanuman or smear it on his body, he grants you whatever you have wished for. But only men are allowed to do this. Since Hanuman is a Bal Brahmachari (unmarried / celibate), only men are allowed to worship and touch the idol. Women can worship him but should not touch the idol.

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