Lord Vishnu Ram Ram Avatar.

Lord Vishnu Ram Ram Avatar.

Lord Vishnu Ram incarnation (Ram Avatar)

Vishnu AvtarRamchandra was a great man born in ancient India. In Hinduism,Lord Ramis one of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu.It is believed that Ram was born in ancient India. The estimation of the time of their birth was not corrected, but experts believe that the birth of Ram was almost 9,000 years (7323 BC) from today.

Rama Avatar.
Ram Avatar

Ram avatar Story:

Lord Ram was the eldest son of KingDasharatha and Rani Kaushalyaof Ayodhya. Ram’s wife’s name was Sita (who is considered to be the incarnation of Lakshmi) and had three brothers,Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughna.

Hanuman is considered to be the greatest devotee of Lord Rama.
Ram killed King Ravana of the monster king. Ram, who walked the path of religion, got education from Guru Vashishta with his three brothers. In adolescence,

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Maharshi Vishwamitra had taken him to eliminate the vultures being attacked by monsters in the forest. Ram along with his younger brother Lakshman also accompanied him. Ram then struck the demon named Tadka and forced Marich to escape.

During this time Vishvamitra took him to Mithila. Raja Janak of Gaan organized a ceremony for the marriage of his daughter. Sita was married to Lord Shiva, who had a bow on which to fulfill the same. Many kings were present in that ceremony. Many kings tried to make the bow on the bow, but no one could do this work.

Then by the command of Maharishi Vishwamitra, Ram tried to lift the bow and offer it. In an attempt to overhaul their bow, the bow broke down with a terrible sound. When Maharishi Parashuram heard the loud sound, he came and saw his Guru (Shiva’s bow) broken, very angry. Thus, Sita was married to Ram and all the people, including Parshuram, gave the blessings.

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King Dashrath was getting old. So they thought of handing over the state to Ram. At that time, two other brothers of Ram Bharat and Shatrughan had gone to their Nanihal Kaikeyah. Manthra, who was the slave of Queen Kaikey, provoked Kaikeyi that the king is doing wrong with you.

If you are the beloved queen of the king then your child should become a king. But King Dasharath wants to make Ram a king. Kaikeyi wanted his son Bharat to be king, so he gave Ram, Dasaratha Dwaara, 14 years of exile. Ram obeyed his father’s command. Ram’s wife Sita, and her brother Laxman also went to exile.

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Ravana had defeated Sita during exile. Ram, along with his brother Laxman, was wandering in search of Sita, then he met two apes, called Hanuman and Sugriva. Hanuman was the greatest devotee of Ram. To save Sita, Ram, with the help of Hanuman and Vanar Sena, fought with Ravana and defeated him.

When Lord Rama defeated Ravana in battle, his younger brother Vibhishan became the king of Lanka. After 14 years, Ram, Sita, Lakshman and some apes returned to Ayodhya from Jan Pushpak aircraft.
After getting the most, Ram and Sita accepted the post of King and Queen of Ayodhya.

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