The birth story of Hanuman ji.

The birth story of Hanuman ji 

Some scholars believe that Dang district of Navsari (Gujarat) was recognized as Dandakaranya state during the pre-era. In this Dandakaranya, Ram spent ten years of his life. The district of Dang is a tribal area. Now the Christian missionary is active here. Lord Hanuman was born in Anjani cave located in Anjana Mountain of Dang District.

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The Birth Story of Lord Hanuman.

Hanuma ji mother Anjana Story-

Hanuman ji was born in the Treta Yuga as the son of Anjana (a female monkey). Anjana was actually a nymph named Punjikasthala, but due to a curse she had to be born as a female monkey in earth. The effect of that curse was to end after the birth of  Shiva's ansh. Anjana was wife of Keshari.

Hanuman ji Father Name-

Lord Hanuman's father name was Keshari. Keshari was a powerful apes. Who once killed a fierce elephant. Many times the elephant had suffered many helpless saints and saints in different ways. From then on, his name was Kesari. "Kesari" means the lion. They are also known as "Kunjar Sudan" (killer elephant).

Why Hanuman ji says as Anjaney:

 According to the legends of the Puranas, Hanuman's mother Anjana has not any child. Despite many attempts but she did not get any child. Anjana suffering from this sorrow, went to Matang sage, then the sage said to him, - There is a Narasimha Ashram in the east of Pampa Sarovar, on the south side of the Narayana mountain is the Swami Tirtha. After going there and bathing in it, she will have to perform fasting and fast for twelve years. Then you will get son happiness.

Anjana went to meditation with the order of Matang sage and her husband Kesari. For twelve years, only feed air, then the air god pleased them with the penance of Anjana and his husband and gave her a boon. As a result, Anjana received the son of Chaitra Shukla's full moon. This son, created by air so gave the name of the son was Pawanputra.

With Kesari, Anjana gave birth to Lord Hanuman (Shiva's Ansh) as a result, she will do very strict penance of Lord Shiva.

Hanuman ji Facts-

At the time when Anjana was worshiping Shiva. Ayodhya King Dasharath was offering Kamana Yajna for getting son. As a result, he received a divine fruit, which his queens shared in equal parts. As a result of this, they were received in the form of Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan.

The law of law will say that a small piece of the divine fruit, a eagle took a bite and went flying over the same forest. Where Anjana and Kesari were doing penance. The piece fell down from the mouth of the eagle. That piece was dropped by Pawan Dev on Anjana's hands. Conscious of God's gift, Anjana ate it, for which he gave birth to Hanuman in the form of Sun.

Being the son of Anjana, Hanuman ji is also known as Anjaneya. Which means 'generated by Anjana.'

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