Vidur Niti in Mahabharata.Vidur Niti Quotes.

Vidur Niti in Mahabharata.Vidur Niti Quotes.

Who is vidur in mahabharat?

There are many great characters in the Mahabharata, composed by Vedvyas, in these great characters, there is a character who was the Dasiputra. Despite being a maidservant, this character has an important role in the Mahabharata.
Vidur was the great minister of the Kauravas. Vidur has achieved the best place in history on the basis of his policies. Mahaminister Vidyut has also composed a book calledVidur Niti.
Vidur niti.
First of all, Sri Krishna tried to avoid the Mahabharata war. But Duryodhana did not listen to Krishna’s words. After all the efforts of peace were unsuccessful, the war between Kauravas and Pandavas was going to start. Dhritarashtra was very upset about the outcome of the war. Then he called Viudur and asked him the secret of good and bad deeds. In the Mahabharata, the dialogue between Dhritarashtra and Vidur is known only asVidura Niti.

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Know some of Vidur Niti that can solve our problems:

1.) Money benefits, good health, obedient children, best life partners and learning to fulfill their desires, these 5 people who have it are happy.

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2.) Do not trust those who are not trusted, but those who are credible should not be trusted too much.

3.) Forgiveness should not be blamed, forgiveness is very powerful. Forgiveness is the virtue of weak people and for the powerful people is like jewelery.

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4.) Work, anger and greed, these are three kinds of hell. These are the paths towards misery. Therefore these evils should be avoided.

5.) A person who is jealous, burns with others, disgruntled, angry, doubtful, and dependent on others always remains unhappy.

6.) The person who does not believe in good work, does not believe in good people, abandons friends, that person is always sad.

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