10 Shocking Secrets of Ramayana.

10 Shocking Secrets of Ramayana.


Secrets of Ramayana:

1-Who wrote Ramayana:

Ramayana had been written many years before Ram’s birth. The Ramayana epic was composed by Maharishi Valmiki. In this epic, there is 24000 verses 500 subdivisions and 7 cases.

2-Lord Ram sister Santa

You all know that Ram, Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughna had four brothers. But very few people know that Ram Ji had an older sister whose name was Santa.

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The mother of Santa was queen Kausalya. According to legend, there was no child of King Rompad. He was the king of Angraj. When he expressed his grief in front of King Dasharath, King Dasharath gave him his daughter Shanta. .

3-Meghnath’s death and Laxman’s sleep

Meghnath was the son of Ravan. It is said that after the birth of Meghnath, instead of crying in his mouth, the sound of the thunderous cloudburst was heard. Therefore, his name was Meghnath. Meghnath received Brahmastra by performing austerity. It was impossible to defeat or kill him. He had received this boon that he could kill the same person who could not sleep for 14 years. When Lakshman, along with Rama and Sita had gone for exile, had asked for this boon from Nidra Devi that she would not sleep for 14 years. Because Laxman used to serve Ram and Sita in the day and guarded at night. Laxman could not sleep for 14 years. This is why Lakshman ji can kill Meghnath.

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4-How Ravana got 10 head:

Ravana was a great devotee of Shiva. He sacrificed his head while performing austerity of Lord Shiva. Shiva ji returned his head after being happy. Ravana had done this 10 times and every time Lord Shiva gave him his head. In the end Lord Shiva was pleased and gave 10 heads in boon.

5-The real King of Lanka was Kuber

Lord Shiva had made a Lanka town on the say of his wife Parvati, but Kuber did penance of Bholenath and demanded a lanka city in the boon. But Ravana, who was the stepbrother of Kubera, had taken away Lanka from Kuber.

6-Why is Hanuman ji called Bajrangbali?

According to legend, once mother Sita was planting vermilion. Then Hanuman ji asked, why do you apply vermilion on your forehead everyday? Mata Sita told that she does this for Ram’s longe life. Then Shri Hanuman ji installed vermilion on his whole body. Since then he has been called as Bajrangbali. In Hindi, Bajrang means vermilion.

7- Ravan was taken Sita’reflection in Lanka

when Shri Ram went to the forests and in one day he told Sita that unless you kill all the demons on earth, you should be in the protection of fire. Lord Ramchandra ji ignited the fire at the same time and Sita entered the fire with the order of Lord Ram, Lord Brahma ji took the reflection of Sita Ji in place of Sita Ji. When Ravana had taken Sita with him, he was not the Sita but hir reflection.

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8-Lakshman ji was the incarnation of Sheshnag

We all know that Lord Ram was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu but very few people know that Lakshman ji was the incarnation of Sheshnag.

9-How were the white stripes on the back of the squirrel.

when all the monkeys were making Ram Setu, then a squirrel was helping to build a bridge with sand on its back, when Lord Ram saw the loyalty of the squirrel. He was very pleased. Lord Ram snatched the back of the squirrel because of this squirrels turned white stripes on the back.

10-Shri Ram ji was given death sentence to Laxman ji.

Once Yamraj came to meat Shri Ram. He took the pledge of Ramji that if anyone sees him then he will be punished death penalty. But when Shri Ram Ji and Yamraj were talking, Laxman ji came in the meantime and he had to pay the death penalty to Lakshman ji.

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