King Dashrath Father, Mother, Wife and Sons

King Dashrath Father, Mother, Wife and Sons

King Dashrath:

According to the Puranas and Ramayana,Dasharatha was the son of King Aja(Dashrath father)of theIkshvaku dynastyand the king of Ayodhya.

Dashrath mother’s name was Indumati. He had defeated the Asuras many times in battle on behalf of the gods. King Dasharatha belonged to the lineage of Vaivasvata Manu.

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King Dasaratha Story:

The birth of king Dasarathais a wonderful event. It is said on the basis of mythological scriptures that once King Aja was worshiping in the afternoon.

At that timeLankapati Ravanacame to fight with King Aja. Seeing King Aja worshiping,Lankapati Ravanastopped. And started seeing King Aja worshiping. King Aja worshiped Lord Shiva and instead of offering water in front, he threw it back.

Seeing this, Ravana was very surprised and he reached in front of King Aja and started asking that water should always be consecrated after worshiping in front and not behind. What is the reason behind you doing this? King Aja said when I was meditating on Lord Shiva in a meditative posture with my eyes closed. Then I saw a cow grazing in the forest a yojana away from here and I saw that a lion was about to attack it. Then I anointed the water backwards and my water took the form of an arrow. Due to which the lion died. Hearing this, Ravana was very surprised. But King Aja said that you can see this sight after going a yojana away from here.

Ravanawent there and saw a cow grazing on green grass. While there are many arrows in the stomach of the lion. Seeing this, Ravana was convinced that the great man whose water makes arrows. And the target is hit without hitting any target. It is impossible to defeat such a brave man. And he returns to Lanka without fighting with them.

King Dasharth Birth Story:

Who was the father of king dashrath?

Once upon a time, whenKing Aja(Dashrath father name in Ramayan is Aja)went to visit the forest, he saw a very beautiful lake, a lotus flower in that lake. There was a flower which looked very beautiful.Raja Ajajumped inSarovar to get that lotus.

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But what happened, the King Aja went near that lotus, the lotus would have gone away from him. Due to which King Aja could not get that lotus.

At last there was an Akashvani that O Rajan! You are childless, so you are not worthy of this lotus. This prophecy had struck a terrible blow in the heart of King Aja. After this King Aja returned to his palace and began to worry. Because he had no children even though he was a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva got disturbed by this concern and he called Dharmaraja and said that you go to the city of Ayodhya in the guise of a Brahmin. Due to which King Aja will get a child. Dharmaraja and his wife started living in the guise of Brahmins and Brahmins by making huts on the banks of river Saryu.

One day Dhharmaraj went to the court ofKing Ajain the guise of a Brahmin and started asking for alms from him. King Aja wanted to give them gold asharfis from his treasury. But the Brahmin refused, saying that it belongs to the subjects. Give what you have to yourself.

Then King Aja took off his necklace and started giving it to the Brahmin. But the Brahmin refused. By saying that this too is the property of the people. Thus King Aja felt very sad that today a

The Brahmin is leaving his court empty handed. Then in the evening the king disguises himself as a laborer and goes out in search of some work in the city.

On the go, he reaches a blacksmith’s place and starts working there without informing himself. Work the iron with a hammer throughout the night. In return, he get a taka in the morning. The king reaches the Brahmin’s house with a taka. But the Brahmin was not there.

King Aja gave it to Brahmin’s wife and said to give it to the Brahmin. When the Brahmin came, the Brahmin’s wife gave that Taka to the Brahmin. When the Brahmin threw that taka on the ground, a surprising incident happened. Where the Brahmin had thrown the taka, there was a pit. When the Brahmin started digging the pit, a golden chariot came out of it and went into the sky. After this the brahmin dug more.

Why was King Dasharatha named Dasharatha?

The second golden chariot came out and went towards the sky. Similarly, nine golden chariots came out and went towards the sky. When the tenth chariot came out, there was a child on it and the chariot came to a halt on the ground.

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The brahmin took that child to the court of King Aja, and said Rajan – accept this son. This is your own son, born of one taka. Along with this nine chariots of gold came out which went to the sky. This child came out on the tenth chariot, so this chariot and the son are yours. Thus KingDasarathawas born.

King Dasharatha belonged to the lineage of Manu and Shatarupa.

In ancient times,Manu and Shatarupadid severe penance when they reached old age. Standing on one leg, both of them started chanting ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya’. Pleased with his penance, Lord Vishnu appeared to him and asked him to ask for a boon. Both of them said- “Lord! Our life has become blessed by having your darshan. Now we don’t want anything.” While saying these words, love started flowing from both of their eyes. Lord said – “I am very happy with your devotion, Vatsa! There is nothing in this universe that I cannot give to you.” God said- “You speak your mind without hesitation.” When Lord Vishnu said this, Manu spoke his mind with great hesitation – “Lord! We both wish that in some birth you should be born as our son.” ‘It will be so, Watts!’ God blessed him and said- “In Treta Yuga you will be born as King Dasharatha of Ayodhya and your wife Shatrupa will be your wife Kaushalya. Then I will take birth from mother Kaushalya’s womb to kill the evil Ravana.” Manu and Shatrupa worshiped the Lord. Lord Vishnu disappeared by blessing him.

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King Dashratha Wife:

King Dasharathahad three wives. Eldest was Kausalya, second Sumitra & third was Kaikeyi. But all the three wives were childless. Due to this, King Dasharatha was very worried.
Once the reason for his concern was told by King Dasharatha tokulguru Vasistha(who was the kulguru of king dashrath?). On this Rajguru Vasistha said to him- “Rajan! All the wishes are fulfilled even by the remedy. You should call Shringi Rishi and perform ‘Putra Kameshti Yagya’. You will definitely get a child.” After listening to Rajguru, King Dasharatha himself went to the ashram of Shringi Rishi and expressed the desire of his mind and requested him to conduct ‘Putra Kameshti Yagya’. Sage Shringi accepted Dasharatha’s prayer and came to Ayodhya and performed ‘Putra Kameshti Yagya’.
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When the time came, on the ninth date of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month, Rama was born from the womb of Kaushalya, the elder queen of King Dasharatha. Sumitra gave birth to two sons, Shatrughna and Lakshmana, and Kaikeyi to Bharata. Seeing his sons, his eyes lit up with happiness.

King Dashratha Daughter:

You must have heard and read the story of Ramayana many times. But have you ever heard the story ofShanta, the eldest daughter of King Dasharatha, who was the elder sister of Lord Rama.

It is also mentioned in the Ramcharitmanas at many places. This was the first child of Queen Kaushalya. According to the promise ofAngadesh’s queen Varshini, she was adopted.

In her childhood, Shanta was sent to Angpradesh. This was his upbringing, when he grew up, he was married toRishi Rishishring(Shanta Husband).

Dasharatha Death:

When Rama came to know about both the grooms of mother Kaikeyi, he himself went near father Dasaratha and requested him that keeping in mind the dignity of Raghukul, he should give both the grooms to mother Kaikeyi. He stubbornly persuaded father Dasharatha to do these things and, wearing the clothes of sannyasis, set out towards the forest with Sita and Lakshmana. Dasharatha could not bear this shock and gave up his life.

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