12 Names of Hanuman Ji || Benefits of reciting 12 Names of Hanuman Ji.

Benefits of reciting 12 Names of Hanuman

Hanuman ji is considered to be the most influential god of Kalyug. It is believed that Hanuman ji is Chiranjeevi and still alive. Due to his amazing and hard-hearted devotion, he has received the blessings of Ashtasiddhi and Navnidhi. Due to this boon and the blessings of his beloved Shri Ram, Hanuman ji is able to defeat the sufferings of his devotees. Their worship is immediately fruitful and destroys every kind of crisis. The recitation of 12 names of Hanuman ji is very prominent in the worship of Hanuman ji.

 12 names of Hanuman ji

Remembering the 12 Names of Hanuman ji not only increases the age, but also brings all the worldly pleasures. A person who takes Hanuman 12 Names, 11 times has longevity. Shri Hanuman Ji protects the person who reciting 12 Names  of Hanuman continuously from ten directions and from the sky. Here are 12 Names of Hanuman ji.


Lord Hanuman 12 Names in English:


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1. Om Hanuman ji ||

2. Om Anjani Sut ||

3. Om Air son ||

4. Om Mahabal ||

5. Om Rameshth ||

6. Om Phalgun Sakha ||

7. Om Pingaksha ||

8. Om Amit Vikram ||

9. Om levitation ||

10. Om Sita mourning destruction ||

11. Om Laxman Prana Donor ||

12. Om Dasgriva Darpaha ||

Lord Hanuman 12 Names in Hindi:

१. ॐ हनुमान जी ||

२. ॐ अंजनी सुत ||
३. ॐ वायु पुत्र ||

४. ॐ महाबल ||

५. ॐ रामेष्ठ ||

६. ॐ फाल्गुण सखा ||

 ७. ॐ पिंगाक्ष ||

८. ॐ अमित विक्रम ||

९. ॐ उदधिक्रमण ||

१०. ॐ सीता शोक विनाशन ||

११. ॐ लक्ष्मण प्राण दाता ||

१२. ॐ दशग्रीव दर्पहा ||

Benefits of reciting Lord Hanuman Names:

Lord Hanuman 12 Names in Hindi

1. By taking the name at the time of regular rule, one gets favored.
2. As soon as a person wakes up in the morning, in which case, the person who takes twelve names 11 times has longevity.
3. In the afternoon, the person taking the name is rich. In the afternoon evening, the person taking the name is satisfied with the family pleasures.
4. At night while sleeping, the person named takes victory over the enemy.
5. Tying amulets on Tuesday's day by writing twelve names on the bhojpatra with red ink, never causes a headache. The copper talisman on the neck or arm is better. The pen writing on the banquet should be new.
6. In addition to the above time, Shri Hanumanji protects the person who chants these 12 names of Hanuman ji continuously from ten directions and the sky.

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