The History of Ravana. How did Ravana get Lanka?

History of Ravana

Ravana's father 'Vishrava' was a great wiseman. He was the son of 'Rishi Pulshay'. Vishrava was the only wise yogi like his father. Ravana's mother's name was Kaikesi.

Ravana history.

After marriage, Vishrava learned that his son would be of demon nature. Knowing how the queen falling on the feet of the sage, you have such a great ascetic, then how can your son be a monster, you have to bless your children.

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On the prayer of Kaikesi, Rishi Vishrava said, "With the effect of my penance, our youngest son will be Dharmatma." Can not do anything in addition.

Ravan Birth Story:

A few months later, Kaikesi gave birth to a son. Which had 10 heads. Due to being the successor of the Sage, the name of his son was Dursgriva (Ravana).

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After this son Kumbhakarna was born. After Kumbhakarna, the daughter Surpanakha was born and after this Vibhishan was born. Thus, Ravana and his two brothers and sisters were born.

How did Ravana get Lanka(Ravana Lanka.)?

The Gold Palace of Ravana was full of wealth. According to legend, Kuber was sitting with his father one day. When Ravana saw Kuber, he also developed a desire to become rich in his mind. Then Ravana and his brothers started doing penance, after some time Ravana cut his head and offered a sacrifice in the fire.

Brahmiji was very pleased with this wonderful work and said with delight, I am pleased with your penance. And you demand the groom Brahmjee initiated with the promise that he should ask for anything except one immortality. Ravan said that all the heads you have sacrificed will be added to your body and you will be able to take the form as you wish.

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Ravana said that we are victorious over the enemies in battle and I have never lost defeat with Gandharva, God, Asura, Yaks, monsters, snakes, shears and ghosts. Brahma ji said that you will not be afraid of any of these people whom you took the name, only Human can. Ravan was very pleased with his saying. And he thought, what will Human do to me?

After this, Brahmji asked Kumbhakarna to give boon, he asked for Indrasan. But with the deception of the Gods, Sleep came out from his mouth.
Therefore, he asked for a boon for sleeping for a long time.

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Short Story of Ramayana. 

Where was Rama at the time of exile?


Vibhishan said, there was no sin in my mind, and without the knowledge, Brahmatra's method of inspiration in my heart would get energized; Even after taking birth in the monster vagina, your mind is walking towards the religion, not by the way of unrighteousness. So I am giving you the blessings of being immortal.

Ravana get Keber's Lanka:

After getting such a boon, Ravan first attacked Alakapuri. There was a fierce battle between Ravana and Kuberdev, but due to the blessing of Brahma, Kuberadev was defeated by Ravana. Ravana also took away the Pushpak plane given by Brahma to Kuber. Ravana grabbed Lanka from Kuber and established his rule over him.

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