Who was Ravana in his Previous Birth?

Who was Ravan in his Previous Birth?

Asur Emperor Ravana's father was a sage and his mother was a Asura Virgo. We all know about Ravana that he was a person of a demonic tendency born in Brahmin family.

Very few people know about Ravan's past birth. According to legend, Ravan relates to heaven in his prenupt. But then something happened that had to be born as a monster in this birth due to the curse of the Brahmins.

Read the complete story of Ravana's previous birth.


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Ravana History:

Once Brahma's Manasputra sanat, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanatkumar reached Vaikunttham to see Lord Vishnu.

When they reached Goddess of Vishnu, two gatekeepers named Jay and Vijay stopped them saying that at this time Lord Vishnu is resting, so you can not go inside.

Though the four sages were of great age, but they were seen to be influenced by their tenacity, for this reason, Jai and Vijay did not recognize them and understood them as ordinary children.

After being stopped by Jai and Vijay, the sages became angry and said, "O fools! We are devotees of Lord Vishnu and Lord Vishnu is always available for our devotees. Such a mischievous person is not worthy of being in the Vishnuloka.

Therefore, we curse you that the deity of both of you will end. And you born by sinful species in both habitation of mortals from the fruits of their sin Suffer. "

Jai and Vijay were frightened by listening to this fierce curse of the curious sages, and begun apologizing to them. At the same time Lord Vishnu also came over there. Jai and Vijay started praying to Lord Vishnu that they should request the rishis to withdraw their curse.

Lord Vishnu said to them, "The curse of the rishis can not be in vain." Both of you will have to go through the earth and have to take birth. After getting the fruits of your ego, both of you will come back to me again.

Lord Vishnu says there are two options to come back here,

The first is that if you both become my devotees on earth then you will return here after seven births.
The second is if you go to Earth and go to me Truta abundantly after three births you both will come back here. Because those three lifetimes I'll just kill you. "

Jai and Vijay did not want to live in the Earth till seven births, so they accepted the second option.

This Jai and Vijay were on the earth in Satyuga in their first birth, Hiranyaksh and Hiranyakashipu, in their second birth in the Tretayuga, Ravana and Kumbhakarna and Dwaparyuga were birth as Shishupal and Dantvakra in their third birth.

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