Why is Holi Celebrated? Story behind Holi,the Festival of Colors.

What is the Story behind Holi?

India is a country of festivals. Here festivals are kept throughout the year. Among all these festivals, the most important festival of Hindus is "Holi". 'Holi Festival' is celebrated with great fanfare in India. But there is a mythological story behind the birth of every festival. Similarly, behind Holi is also an exciting and interesting story.
That is why today we will tell you in this article that "What is the story behind Holi?"
holi story.

History of Holi:

There was a king named Hiranyakshyap, who considered himself high above religion and God. He wanted all people to believe in him and worship him. The name of the son of Hiranyakshyap was Prahalad.

Prahlad was a great devotee of God Vishnu. Hiranykshyap wanted that Prahalad should not worship Lord Vishnu. He should worship Him. But Prahlad refused to accept him as God. Hiranyakshyap did very cruelty to his son Prahalad but Prahlad did not consider Hiranykashyap as God. Prahalad used to think only Vishnu as his god. In the end, Hiranakshyap planned to kill Prahlad.

Hiranyakashyap had a sister, whose name was Holika. Holika had a fire-proof shawl from Lord Brahma as a boon. According to the boon, if she sits in the fire then the fire will not spoil her. Hiranyakashyap told her sister that she would go to Prahlad Sit in the lap and sit on a burning pyre.

The Holika took Prahlad in the lap and sat on the burning pyre. But when the fire burned, the shawl of the Holika flows in the flames. So Holika died, but with the grace of Lord Vishnu, there was no harm to the devotee Prahlad.

We remember this phenomenon by burning Holika every year. In the pleasure of surviving Prahlad, people started celebrating this day as a festival and this is the festival called Holi, which celebrates this festival as a victory of truth on evil. On this day people express their happiness by coloring each other.

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