The Story of Maa Vaishno Devi Temple.

Maa Vaishno Devi Temple.

You must have heard the name of Vaishno Mata of Jammu. Today I am  telling you the story of this, which has been heard in Jammu and Kashmir for many years.

vaishno devi story.

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Vaishno Devi Story:

Sridhar was lived in Hansali village near Katra who was devotees of Mata Vaishno. He had no children here.

Sridhar and his wife were very sad because of this. One day he invited the virgin girl for Navaratri worship. Maa Vaishno also came to his house in Virgo's door. The other girls went away but the mother did not go.

She said to Shridhar - "Invite everyone to your house in Bhandara." Sridhar accepted the suggestion of that divine girl and delivered the message of Bhandara in the nearby villages. While returning, he also invited Gorakhnath and Bhairavnath ji. All the villagers were shocked because Shridhar was very poor. The villager thought that Shridhar is very poor then where he would feed the entire village, he himself and his wife fill the stomach with difficulty. Nevertheless, all the villagers went to Shridhar's house.

Shridhar invited all the villagers on the request of that Divine Girl, but he thinking that his house was very small so where the villager will sit and how to feed them. He started praying to Mata Vaishno, "O mother" help me. At the same time his wife ran away and took Sridhar to the kitchen. There, Sridhar saw that there was plenty of food to feed the villagers. He thanked the mother and started feeding the villagers. When He went to give food to Bhairavnath, he said, "I want meat and alcohol." All this is not found in Brahmin's reserves. "The divine girl responded firmly. Bhairavnath thought that this is not an ordinary girl. So Bhairavagaya proceeded to touch her.

In this way, the Divine Virgo flew towards Trikuta Mountains. Bhairav ​​followed her. In a cave, Mother Vaishno has done penance for nine months. Bhairav ​​also came there in her search. A sadhu said to him, 'whom you think is a simple woman, she has a great power.'

Bhairav ​​ignored the sadhu's point of view. The cave is known today as the Garbh-joon. Goddess Vaishno also warned Bhairav ​​to return, but he did not accept it. Mother Vaishno went inside the cave. At the door Veer Hanuman was sit. He fought with Bhairvanath. When Veer Hanuman began to diminish, Mata Vaishno took the form of Chandi and killed Bhairavnath.

Bhairav's head fell into Bhairon valley. Bhairav ​​apologized to the mother, then the mother forgave him and the mother gave her a boon that whatever my eyesight would show after my eyes, all his wishes would be fulfilled.

Even today, lakhs of devotees come to visit Vaishno Mata Temple every year. Mother fulfills all the desires. In the cave, the mother pindi form is sitting.

Jai Mata Di...

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